Sunday, June 17, 2012

HBase 0.96 + Eclipse + Maven

Since HBase-4336 (and HBase 0.96) the HBase source code has been split into multiple maven modules.
The post is no more related to a specific operating system, you can follow these steps on Linux or Windows.

0. Requirements

1. Checkout sources

Use your favorite Subversion client to checkout the HBase source code :

$ svn checkout hbase

 (check for more details)

2. Install M2Eclipse plugin

  • Select the menu : Help / "Install New Software"
  • In the 'Work with' field type : (press Enter)
  • Select m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse

3. Import HBase source code

File - Import... - Maven / Existing Maven Projects and select the directory where sources have been checked out at step 1 :

Some java sources need to be generated, right click on  the hbase project, Run As and select "Maven generate-sources" :

4. Create Run configuration

 Create a new run configuration, name it 'HBase (start)', slect the hbase-server project and set org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.HMaster as the main class :

In the Arguments  tab add the program arguments start :

Give it a try, click on the Run button :

You can also try the HBase web interface http://localhost:60010 :

5. Create HBase Shell Run configuration

Create a new Run configuration, set the Name to Shell, and select org.jruby.Main as the main class :
 In the Arguments tab :
  1. Add the path to the bin/hirb.rb file as the program argument
  2. Set the Java variable hbase.ruby.sources to the path src/main/ruby path (e.g. -Dhbase.ruby.sources=D:\HBASE\hbase-trunk\hbase-server\src\main\ruby)

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